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This table outlines the features available in our Virtual Phone System product.

Virtual Phone System Features Description
Low price Plans starting as low as $9.00 per month. Includes 100 monthly minutes and a local or toll free number.  Transfer your existing phone number to VoiceShot at no cost.
Create your own monthly minute plan You can create a plan with exactly the number of included monthly minutes you need.  More
Instant online setup & activation Sign up free.  Select a local or toll free number, create a greeting, add extensions and start receiving phone calls immediately.
Free trial No credit card is required for the free trial. You can set up your own Virtual Phone System. Create a greeting, add extensions and test the product absolutely free. Select a toll free or local number when you are ready to make your purchase
No Contracts The VoiceShot Virtual Phone System is tailored to your needs.  You can upgrade, downgrade or cancel your service anytime directly from your VoiceShot subscriber account.
No special hardware or software VoiceShot provides everything you need to create your own Virtual Phone System.
Personalized service A VoiceShot account representative will take the time to get you started and will continue to support your needs on an ongoing basis.
Telephone and email support Assistance and technical support is available via email and telephone, with quick response time.  At VoiceShot, the customer always comes first.
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Instant online setup Sign up free.  Select a local or toll free number, create a greeting, add extensions and start receiving phone calls.  Set up is fast and easy.
Auto attendant PBX Your Virtual Phone System will greet callers, take messages and route calls just like an expensive auto attendant or PBX.  You can even make outbound phone calls using your Virtual Phone System.
Direct dial outbound Use you Virtual Phone System to place outbound phone calls from any phone that you authorize.  Outbound calls will display your Virtual Phone System caller id.
Web based account management Manage your Virtual Phone System directly from your VoiceShot subscriber account.
Easy recording options Record greetings by phone or by using your own computer microphone.  You can use the VoiceShot Voice Recorder application for easy recording and file upload.
Call forwarding Instantly forward calls received by your Virtual Phone System to any phone number.
Unlimited extensions You can add or remove extensions at no charge.  Add as many extensions as you need.
Voicemail You can add or remove voicemail boxes at no charge.
Call transfer Transfer calls to the phone numbers of your choice, for example, home, office or mobile phones.
Unlimited voice prompts & menus Create and use as many voice prompts as you need.  Add an after hours greeting, a company directory or provide your customers with driving directions.
Notification Optional email notification will alert you when you have received a call or message.
Visual call designer Once your sound files are recorded then you can organize, create and manage your Virtual Phone System using the visual call designer.  An easy way to manage call flow.
Call simulator The online call simulator allows you to listen, interact and test your Virtual Phone System with a simple click of a button.
Show me design help Click "show me" and VoiceShot provides a visual guide to adding messages, extensions, voicemail and more.
Real-time online reporting Reporting includes date, time, duration, caller id, caller menu selection and key press. Call results can be viewed or downloaded.
No busy signals Utilize VoiceShots telecommunication infrastructure to never miss a call.
ACD - Automatic call distribution Call routing on a sequential or rotational basis to multiple live representatives based on your preferences.
Conditional call branching
(Surveys & Polls)
Caller key presses determine call flow and menu navigation allowing you to design highly detailed campaigns for surveys and polls.
Alternate greetings based on the times and days of your choice Great for after hours and customized holiday or special event type greetings.
Music or message on hold Callers can listen to music or custom messages while waiting to be transferred.
Inbound call blocking Allows you to block specific telephone numbers from calling your local or toll free number.
Keep your existing number Port your existing number to VoiceShot at no charge.
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No charge for call transfers Live call transfers are free to continental U.S. and Canada.
No cancellation fees Cancel at anytime without additional cost.
Create your own minute plan VoiceShot allows you to choose the exact number of minutes you need.  More
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