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Select a Toll Free or Local Number.

Get a Toll Free Number or give your company a local presence by selecting a Local Number. Local numbers are available for cities throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Your Virtual Phone System will greet callers and route calls to your employees or departments.

Instant Call Forwarding, Voicemail and more.

Professional PBX features include instant call forwarding, call transfer, unlimited extensions, voicemail and more.

Place Outbound Phone Calls.

Use your Virtual Phone System to make outbound phone calls from any phone that you authorize. Outbound calls will display your Virtual Phone System caller id which is great for business.

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A Professional Greeting

Greet callers with a custom message that you create.

Recording Sound Files

Recording a message is easy using your telephone, your computer microphone or an existing sound file. You can use the VoiceShot Voice Recorder application for easy recording and file upload.

Callers will listen to your greeting then select key press options that will route calls to extensions, phone numbers, or additional voice messages.

Create alternate after hours or holiday greetings tailored to your specific needs.

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Adding Extensions is Easy.

Assign each of your employees or departments a unique extension number. Callers will enter the extension number using a simple key press and calls will be instantly routed to the appropriate employee or department.

Your Virtual Phone System is easy to use and can be used as a simple auto attendant or a sophisticated call handling system that includes features like sequential or rotational automated call distribution to live operators which is great for departments with multiple live representatives. Conditional call branching allows caller key presses to determine call flow and menu navigation supporting highly detailed campaigns like high volume inbound promotional campaigns, surveys or polls.

VoiceShot's Virtual Phone System will grow with your business. Online campaign management tools, unlimited extensions, call transfer, call forwarding, voicemail and outbound direct dialing allow you to keep everyone in your company accessible from the office, on the road, home or away.

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Start Receiving Calls.

When a call is placed to your toll free or local number the caller will listen and respond to the greeting that you have created. The caller can respond by entering an extension number or selecting a key press option that will determine how the call is routed.

Real time call reporting is provided online and includes time, date, and duration as well as caller id and caller key press detail. Call detail can be viewed or downloaded.

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