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Patient appointment and medical reminder phone calls & text messaging.
Health care and pharmaceutical companies can instantly send patient medical & dental appointment reminder phone calls and text messages with ease right from the web. Our automated patient appointment reminder call and text message notification service allows you to instantly create, schedule and manage phone call and text message delivery with ease. Send interactive phone calls or text messages to any size list. Set up groups of recipients who can be contacted on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Create multiple messages and multiple schedules that can be applied to any or all of your contacts. You can target live people, answering machines or you can send a unique message to both. Schedule each call to be delivered at the time and date of your choice. Each phone call displays your own caller ID to insure your patients can easily recognize who is calling.

Reduce appointment cancellations and no shows.
VoiceShots web based automated medical appointment reminder phone call and text message service is a low cost HIPPA compliance tool that allows health care facilities and organizations the ability to save money and maximize productivity while reducing appointment cancellations and no shows.

Automated patient appointment reminder confirmation, notification, cancellation & rescheduling with transfer to live operator.
Call recipients will listen and interact with your prerecorded voice message, selecting options to confirm, cancel, reschedule or even speak with a live person. Call recipients can answer pre-recorded questions using their telephone key pad or simply provide patient acknowledgement that the phone call was received. VoiceShot’s real time reporting makes it simple to review recipient key press information and identify those who have acknowledged delivery, confirmed, cancelled, or rescheduled their appointment.

Instant online set up.
Get started today. Your VoiceShot account guides you through the process of creating your messages, managing your contact list, creating schedules and delivery times as well as viewing and downloading real time call and caller key press results.
Low Cost Instant Setup No Special hardware or software needed

Free test drive.
Sign up free and demo the VoiceShot medical reminder call and text message service absolutely free.  Try before you buy allows you to test the service prior to making a purchase.

Use VoiceShot automated medical appointment reminder calls and text messaging for:
Patient appointment reminders Medical appointment reminders Dental appointment reminders
Medicine reminders Medical billing reminders Prescription reminders
No show follow ups Welcome new patients Pharmacy prescription is ready alert
No show rescheduling Patient satisfaction surveys Forgot to pick up prescription reminder
Prescription follow up questionnaires Medical reminders At home monitoring
Patient procedures Physicals Patient acknowledgments
Pre-surgical instructions Flu shots and immunizations Surveys and questioners
Medical test results Mammograms Medical screenings

Designed for healthcare professional  

Advanced scheduling and contact list management.
Import your existing contact list or create a contact list online. Create and manage schedules that can be applied to the messages of your choice and the recipients of your choice. Easily create schedules that can be used for sending a single one time reminder, repetitive reminders or multiple unique reminders. Create daily, weekly or monthly reminder schedules with ease. You can apply any schedule you create to any or all of your contacts and messages.

Perpetual data storage.
VoiceShot provides continuous online storage of your contact lists and voice messages regardless of how often you use the service.

Enhanced security.
VoiceShots automated medical appointment reminder phone call and text message service is a low cost, secure, HIPAA compliance tool that will save your organization time and money while improving patients health care compliance. Whether you are in the health care industry and are required to be HIPAA compliant or just want the added security measures to protect your data, VoiceShot appointment reminders offer enhanced security to protect your information.

VoiceShot medical appointment reminders supports HIPAA compliance with:

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) 24/7 Account Access
Secure Data Centers Automatic Log off
Secure Transmission of Customer Data Unique Customer Identifier
Account Activity Email Alerts Information Tracking

Quality and reliability using real phone lines.
Many service providers today use cheap unreliable Voice Over IP (VOIP) technology to deliver phone calls. VOIP is an inferior option that simply does not offer the quality or reliability of calls placed using real phone lines. Phone calls placed using VOIP technology are substandard and commonly result in poor sound quality and unreliable delivery. Calls are often scratchy, distant sounding, and many times result in dropped calls. To insure the highest levels of quality and reliability VoiceShot does not use cheap unreliable Voice Over IP technology (VOIP) to deliver phone calls.
Features Include  

Instant online set up.
Sign up free and start sending patient appointment and medical reminder phone calls and text message notifications in just minutes. VoiceShot offers low cost plans that will meet your budget. Pay for delivered calls only. There are no charges for busy or non-answered calls.

Easy recording options.
Options include using VoiceShot's dial in service, your own computer microphone or using your own existing sound files.

Voice Merge with text to speech (TTS).
Personalize each message for the intended recipient with realistic human sounding text to speech (TTS). Send alerts and notifications, reminders, rates, names, numbers and more. Choose either a male or female voice and even control pitch, speed and the volume of the voice used.

Advanced online contact list management.
Manage your patient appointment reminder contact list online. You can manually create a call list or upload call lists from the applications that you are most familiar with such as Microsoft Excel and Access as well as industry standard formats such as ASCII comma delimited. You can also view, edit, search, add or remove contacts from your call lists directly from your online account.

Create and manage delivery schedules with ease.
Set up groups of recipients who can be contacted on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Create multiple messages and multiple schedules that can be applied to any or all of your contacts.

Call targeting, unlimited menu options and transfer to live operator.
You can target live people, answering machines or even deliver a unique message to both. Interactive features allow call recipients to interact with your message by listening to menu options that you create. Call recipients can interact by making key press selections that can play additional messages or even transfer the call to a live operator. For example "press #1 to confirm your appointment " or "press #2 to reschedule your appointment" or "press #0 to speak with a live operator".

Real-time online campaign management and reporting.
VoiceShot allows you to monitor your call campaign online in real-time. Real-time reporting includes successful & unsuccessful calls and caller response confirmation by key press. You can download your campaign call results into Microsoft Excel and other applications.

Automated opt out and Do Not Call list management.
VoiceShot's interactive automated opt out feature allows your call recipients to instantly opt out of future calls via a simple key press. Those who opt out are added to your accounts Do Not Call list and automatically removed from future call campaigns. Existing do not call lists can be uploaded into your account with ease. Ask about a VoiceShot Toll Free number that can be used as an automated opt out call back number for those who receive messages
on answering machines.

No charge for busy, no answer, disconnected numbers or transfers.
VoiceShot only charges for successfully delivered calls. Calls that are transferred to another number are billed as single calls.

Plus all the features of VoiceShot Outbound.
VoiceShot patient appointment reminder calls includes all the features of VoiceShot Outbound.

Additional Services

VoiceShot Toll Free for inbound calls.
Ask about VoiceShot's Toll Free service that allows you to setup an interactive Toll Free information hotline so callers can listen, interact and respond to pre-recorded messages that you create. Unlimited menu options, instant call transfer, real-time caller key press and caller ID reporting means you can communicate with your patients 24/7.

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We have a plan to meet your needs... and your budget.
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