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VoiceShot Outbound
voice broadcasting and voice mail broadcast allows you to instantly send interactive phone calls and manage the entire process right from the Web.  Send alerts, notifications, reminders, political calls, get out the vote - GOTV - messages, interactive polls or surveys right from the Web.  In your free VoiceShot account, you can record and store your messages, manage your call lists, schedule and initiate delivery as well as view and download real-time call and caller key press results.

Advanced features include conditional call branching, interactive opt-out, customized text to speech (TTS) and delivering calls to land lines, cell phones or both.

No set up fees, no monthly minimums
With VoiceShot Outbound voice broadcasting and voice mail broadcasting, there are no costly set up fees or minimums call commitments.  There are also no charges for busy or non-answered calls.  Calls that are transferred to another number are billed as a single call.  Send as many or as few calls as your project requires and you can test VoiceShot Outbound absolutely free!

VoiceShot does not charge for unsuccessful calls such as busy or non-answered calls.  VoiceShot only charges for successfully delivered calls.

Instant online set up and execution
Create, schedule and launch a full blown call campaign instantly right from the VoiceShot Web Site. Take a survey or a poll, send notifications, reminders or alerts with VoiceShot.  Voice broadcasting, its fast and its easy.

Launch by Phone Option
Launch by Phone option allows you the convenience of initiating your call campaign by telephone.  This premium service is perfect for time sensitive calls such as emergency alerts and notifications.

Call land lines, cell phones or both
Deliver messages exclusively to land lines, cell phones or both. VoiceShot can distinguish and route calls based on your land line or cell phone preference.

Live people, answering machines or both
Automatically detects whether a live person or answering machine is receiving your message, allowing you to deliver messages designed for live people and messages specifically tailored to answering machines.

Easy recording options
Record your messages using VoiceShot's dial in service or your own computers microphone and speakers.  You can even upload sound files created by professional announcers.

Visual call designer
Once you have recorded your voice messages, you can arrange them quickly and easily with the easy-to-use campaign designer, available from within your VoiceShot account.

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Powerful call list management
You can use your existing call lists from the applications that you are most familiar with such as Microsoft Excel as well as industry standard formats such as ASCII comma delimited.  You can also view, edit, search, add or remove contacts from your call lists right from your VoiceShot account with our online list management tools.

Schedule call delivery times
Set delivery dates and times.  Run a call campaign at different times in a single day or spread it out over multiple days.

Organize your messages and call lists into "Call Campaigns"
VoiceShot voice broadcast automatically organizes your voice messages and call lists into call campaigns. Call campaigns can then be scheduled, modified, reused and compared to one and other to get you the results you want.

Total Web based campaign control
Start, stop, pause, speed up or slow down a campaign from within your VoiceShot account.

Connect to live operator
Allows those who receive your voice message the ability to press a key and instantly the call is routed to the phone number of your choice for no additional charge.

Conditional call branching
Build as simple or as detailed of a call design as needed.  Voice broadcasting call flow can be controlled by the call recipient input, branching to specific points based on the call recipient's key presses.  Branch on specific key presses, no key presses and incorrect key presses.

Key press verification
When a call recipient presses one or more keys in response to a voice prompt, you can optionally have the key presses spoken back to the call recipient, with the option for the call recipient to re-enter or accept.

Powerful call transfer management
Transfer call recipients to a phone number of your choice - perfect for "press 0 for a live operator" applications. VoiceShot's powerful call transfer management can automatically pause dialing when all of your available operators are talking and resume dialing as soon as one becomes available.

On-hold custom music or message
Call recipients can listen to a unique message or music selection that you record.

Re-dial of unsuccessful calls
Calls you initiate that are not answered are automatically re-dialed free of charge.  You can choose additional re-dialing with VoiceShot's one click re-dial feature.

Reporting of caller response by key press
Real-time reporting captures all recipient key presses allowing you to identify call responses.  Additionally, call responses are matched up with all the information from your call list, making it easy to identify which recipient produced which responses.  Download your voice broadcasting results into Microsoft Excel and other applications.

Automated interactive opt-out mechanism for live recipients
Automated key press opt-out allows live call recipients to opt-out of future calls via a simple telephone key press.  Those who choose to opt-out are automatically added to your Do Not Call list and removed from future call campaigns.

Toll free opt-out mechanism for answering machine recipients
Get a Toll Free Opt-out Number to ensure that those who listen to your prerecorded message on an answering machine device are able to opt-out of future call campaigns.  Call recipients can dial your Toll Free Opt-out Number, listen, interact, and respond by key press.  Key press information is reviewed and confirmed by the caller then automatically added to your Do Not Call List.

Do Not Call list management
Professional Do Not Call list management tools allow you to honor the request of those who wish to opt-out of future call campaigns.  Call recipients can add themselves to your Do Not Call list by pressing a key during the call.  In addition, you can upload your existing Do Not Call list into your account and VoiceShot will automatically remove any number on the Do Not Call list from all of your future call campaigns.

Automatic removal of duplicate numbers
This feature ensures that you do not send duplicate calls to the same recipients and saves you money.

Voice Merge with text to speech (TTS)
Personalize each message for the intended recipient with realistic human sounding text to speech (TTS).  Send alerts and notifications, reminders, rates, names, numbers and more.  Choose either a male or female voice and even control pitch, speed and the volume of the voice used.

Telephone and email support
Customer service and technical support available via email and telephone, with quick response time. At VoiceShot, the customer always comes first.

No charge for busy, no answer, disconnected numbers or transfers
VoiceShot only charges for successfully delivered calls.  Calls that are transferred to another number are billed as a single call.

DestinationPrice per successful call*
Puerto Rico0.18
US Virgin Islands0.27
Australia Mobile0.68
Austria Mobile1.08
Belgium Mobile1.23
Denmark Mobile0.98
France Mobile0.74
Germany Mobile0.88
Ireland Mobile0.91
Italy Mobile1.20
Japan Mobile0.70
Netherlands Mobile1.18
New Zealand New!0.20
New Zealand Mobile New!1.09
Norway Mobile0.84
Poland Mobile1.07
Portugal Mobile1.29
Singapore Mobile0.15
Spain Mobile1.29
Sweden Mobile1.09
Switzerland Mobile1.29
UK Mobile0.67
*Price per successful call: VoiceShot price per successful call is based on a 60 second phone call. Calls that exceed 60 seconds will be billed an additional per call price for each additional 60 second interval.  Calls will be delivered to the above destinations only.  VoiceShot is a nonrefundable prepaid service.  Charges apply to all successfully delivered calls.

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