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VoiceShot Urgent Alert phone call and text messaging notification provides rapid and automated delivery of emergency text and phone alert notifications and reminders.  VoiceShot Urgent Alert includes all the powerful features of VoiceShot Outbound plus text messaging and other special features tailored to those who depend on VoiceShot in times of crisis.  Additional features include added security safeguards to protect sensitive data, advanced online data management along with perpetual storage of sound files and call lists.  VoiceShot Urgent Alert provides these additional features to address the special needs of schools, government, public safety and the health care industry.

Use VoiceShot Urgent Alert for:
Emergency alerts Membership notification
Service outage notification School closing information
Weather alerts Volunteer mobilization
Emergency response to public safety Health & medical alerts
Police & Fire emergencies Community notification
Missing children alerts Public safety warnings
Instant Online Set Up and Execution  
Instantly send phone calls and text messages with ease.  Create your interactive call campaign instantly right from your secure VoiceShot account.  Record your emergency alert message and launch your campaign from the Web or by phone any time of the day or night.  
Rapid Reliable Delivery of Pre Recorded Phone Calls and Text Messages
VoiceShot's emergency alert notification and reminder service provides rapid delivery of informative voice messages to cell phones, work phones, home phones, answering machines and voicemail.  Call recipients can listen and interact with your emergency alert, selecting options to hear more details or speak with a live representative.  VoiceShot's easy to use text message delivery service can be used as a stand alone or in addition to phone call delivery. The combination of text messaging and the delivery of pre-recorded voice messages provides a perfect low cost emergency alert and notification solution.
No Hardware, Software or Special Equipment Needed
VoiceShot's Urgent Alert service is Web based and provides everything you need to deliver outbound phone calls and text messages.  Advanced features allow you to establish your very own local or toll free emergency hotline which would allow callers to listen, interact and respond to pre-recorded messages that you create.  VoiceShot is your total emergency alert and notification solution.
Send Messages to:  
Cell phones   Work phones  Home phones  Answering machines  Voice mail  
Total Web based Campaign Management and Control Including:  
Easy recording options Real-time online reporting
Transfer to live operator Voice Merge with text to speech (TTS)
Key press recording Launch by phone
 Special Features Include  
Simple Low Cost Monthly Plans  
VoiceShot's simple low cost price model allows you to pick the plan that meets your particular needs.  Pay as you go for phone calls and text messages.  
Pay for Successfully Calls Only  
Pay for successfully delivered calls and never pay for unsuccessful calls, busy signals or non-answered calls.  
Text Messaging  
Text Messaging feature allows you to instantly send and receive text messages.  No need for a costly dedicated or shared short code.  VoiceShot text messaging is low cost and easy to use. Text message recipients can interact and reply to your text messages and you can view recipient response messages in real-time from your secure VoiceShot subscriber account.  Real-time online reporting of successful, unsuccessful and recipient response allows you to manage and control every aspect of your text campaign.  You can even personalize each text message to the intended recipient using text message merge.  
Enhanced Security  
Whether you are in the health care industry and are required to be HIPAA compliant or just want the added security measures to protect your data, VoiceShot Urgent Alert offers enhanced security to protect your information.  

  VoiceShot Urgent Alert Supports HIPAA Compliance with:

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) 24/7 Account Access
Secure Data Centers Automatic Log off
Secure Transmission of Customer Data Unique Customer Identifier
Account Activity Email Alerts Information Tracking

Perpetual Data Storage
VoiceShot Urgent Alert provides for continuous online storage of your call lists and voice messages regardless of how often you use the service.
Advanced Online Data Management
Edit your call lists online.  You can view, search, add or remove people from your call lists in a secure online interface.
Plus all the Features of VoiceShot Outbound
VoiceShot Urgent Alert includes all the features of VoiceShot Outbound.  
  McAfee Secure sites help keep you safe from identity theft, credit card fraud, spyware, spam, viruses and online scams

We have a plan to meet your needs... and your budget.
Urgent Alert pricing

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