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VoiceShot IVR allows you to quickly automate both incoming and outgoing phone calls and send and receive text messages.

From your own applications or Web site, you can easily send and receive interactive telephone calls and text messages.  Put customers in touch with the data and people they want when they want it.  Send notifications, automate customer service, provide order status or integrate with your own custom application to provide a service customized to your needs.  Improve your business's efficiency and enhance your image.


Interactive Online Call Designer
Its easy to get started on your inbound or outbound IVR calling project with our graphical online call designer.  Design simple single message announcement calls or sophisticated multi-prompt interactive customer service menus in minutes.  Advanced features such as nested loops and recursive menus are fully supported.


Powerful Suite of Telephony Tools
Use our powerful suite of telephony tools to interact with your customers over the phone.  These tools include:

Interactive voice prompts
Call transfer
Text to Speech

IVR   Key press gathering
Key press verification   Voice mail
Conditional call branching   After hours or holiday messages
Detailed call statistics   Call scheduling
Caller ID   Music or message on hold

Text Messaging
Send and receive text messages from your application or Website.  Send simple alerts or design sophisticated interactive surveys and campaigns.  Responses are pushed to your application in real-time.  Sending sales solicitations or advertising messages is prohibited.


Easy Integration
Don't know anything about telephony or text messaging?  Or even XML?  No problem. With just basic Web development experience, you can start sending and receiving phone calls and text messages in no time.  Leverage our expertise to get your IVR or text message project done.

You can easily integrate data gathered during a phone call or text message into your own database or business process.   To get you started today, we've built examples for you in:




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Text to Speech
Use the power of text to speech in your application.
Male Voice - English
Female Voice - English
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More services:
Voice Broadcasting
Text Messaging
Appointment Reminders
Emergency Alerts
Virtual Phone System
Toll Free Numbers

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