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Automated Call and Phone Tree
VoiceShot's automated Outbound Voice Broadcast service provides religious organizations with an efficient reliable Call and Phone Tree Messaging System that allows you to instantly send automated pre-recorded phone calls with ease while managing the entire process right from the web.

Increase participation and grow your congregation with timely notification calls and reminders. Automated pre-recorded phone calls allow teachers, volunteers, youth groups and choir to keep everyone informed and up to date.

VoiceShot's Outbound Voice Broadcast service is simple to use and there is no special equipment to purchase or software to download.  Calls can be delivered to live people, answering machines or both.  Call recipients can listen and interact with your call and phone tree messages, selecting options to hear more details or even speak with a live person.

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Low cost No setup fees. Pay for delivered calls only.
Instant setup No special hardware to purchase or software to download.
Huge capacity Rapid reliable call delivery using real phone lines.

Text Messaging

Instantly send and receive text messages using VoiceShot's Group Text Service. You can send text messages to any size recipient list and you have the option to personalize each message using text message merge.  Text message recipients can interact and reply to your text messages.  You can instantly view recipient response messages in real-time from your online account.  Those you send text messages to can opt out of future text campaigns with a simple opt out response.  VoiceShot’s simple low cost price model allows you to pay as you go for text messages.  Pay for what you need when you need it.

Use VoiceShot's service for:

Increase participation Send motivational messages
Raise attendance Meeting & lesson reminders
Fundraising Volunteer mobilization

Instant online setup
No costly setup fees or minimum call commitments.  Pay for delivered calls only.  There are no charges for busy or non-answered calls.  Send as many or as few calls as you project requires and you can even test VoiceShot Outbound absolutely FREE.

Easy recording options
Options include using VoiceShot's easy to use dial in service, your own computer microphone or using your own existing sound files.  You can even use VoiceShot's text to speech feature which allows you to type a message then choose the option of a male or female voice.

Simple call list upload and call list management
You can manually create a call list or upload call lists from the applications that you are most familiar with such as Microsoft Excel and Access as well as industry standard formats such as ASCII comma delimited.  You can also view, edit, search add or remove contacts from your call lists directly from your online account.

Schedule call delivery by time and date
Schedule call delivery times and dates.  Send your calls immediately or schedule a call campaign to deliver calls at different times in a single day or over multiple days.

Call targeting, unlimited menu options and transfer to live operator
You can target live people, answering machines or even deliver a unique message to both. Interactive features allow call recipients to interact with your message by listening and selecting menu options that can play additional messages or even transfer the call to a live operator.  For example "press #1 for meeting reminder information" or "press #2 to listen to our weekly motivational message" or "press #0 to speak with a live operator" or "press #9 to be removed from this call list".

Real-time online campaign management and reporting
VoiceShot allows you to monitor your call campaign online in real-time.  You can start, stop, pause, speed up or slow down your call campaign. Real-time reporting includes successful & unsuccessful calls and caller response by key press.  You can download your campaign call results into Microsoft Excel and other applications.

Automated removal of duplicate numbers, opt out and Do Not Call (DNC) list management
Automatic removal of duplicate numbers ensures that you will not send duplicate phone calls to the same recipient.  VoiceShot's Do Not Call list management feature allows you to upload an existing Do Not Call list into your account.  VoiceShot's interactive automated opt out feature allows your call recipients to instantly opt out of future calls via a simple key press.  Those who opt out are added to your accounts Do Not Call list and automatically removed from future call campaigns.  Ask about a VoiceShot Toll Free number that can be used as an automated opt out call back number for those who receive messages on answering machines.

 Additional Services  
VoiceShot Toll Free for inbound calls
Ask about VoiceShot's Toll Free service that allows you to setup an interactive Toll Free information hotline so callers can listen, interact and respond to pre-recorded messages that you create.  Unlimited menu options, instant call transfer, real-time caller key press and caller ID reporting means you can communicate with your congregation 24/7.
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